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Automatic Gate Installation Wilsonville OR

Wilsonville’s Electric Gates and Fencing Solution

Automatic Gate Installation WilsonvilleAre you looking to add an automatic gate to your home in Wilsonville, Oregon? All About Doors is your solution for automatic gate installation in Wilsonville. We’ve expanded our services to provide complete installation services for gates, controls and fences to update your home’s security.

All About Doors will handle every step during the installation process. This includes mounting the hardware, installing the control panel, and connecting the power source. Our experienced team will ensure that your automatic gate is aligned correctly and that the safety features work as promised. If you’re experiencing gate issues afterward, we will provide gate repair service and maintenance at an affordable price.

Our qualified gate technicians will walk you through how to operate your device after completion. We’re always available to answer any questions about your new automated driveway gate system.

Benefits of Gates and Controls

It’s not just about safety that makes automatic security gates and fencing appealing. There are many more reasons you should consider electric gate installation for your home in Wilsonville. Read some of the most significant benefits below.


Automated entryways are all about convenience. Are you tired of getting out of your car to open your driveway? The automated entry makes coming and going a breeze. With an automatic entry system, you can also provide access to family and friends without having to give out keys or passcodes. In one fell swoop, you have security and convenience!

Style and Design

Your style is your choice. From an Edwardian manor, a rustic ranch style, to sliding or single swing gates designs, All About Doors can install an entryway to match your home’s aesthetic. Our installers work with metal, wood and other materials to provide you with various options to find the one that looks like home.


Whether you want to keep prying eyes out or enjoy some peace, our services can give you the privacy you want. An automatic gate can also provide you with needed privacy. We’ll even provide fencing for your property so you can enjoy peace of mind, courtesy of All About Doors.

Low Maintenance Security

Automated gates are a great way to add security to your home with minimal effort. But what’s even better? It doesn’t take much to keep them maintained. Once we install your automatic gateway, it will require little maintenance. If there are issues, the emergency gate technicians at All About Doors will come and address them.

Home Value & Curb Appeal

If you want to increase your home’s curb appeal, a stylish gateway is a great way to do it. An automatic gate can add significant value to your home. You can increase your property value and curb appeal with All About Doors. Once you’re ready to sell, they become a great selling point for the same reasons we’ve listed above.

Trusted Electric Gates Installation

electric gate repair wilsonvilleChoosing the suitable driveway gate installers is paramount to ensuring you receive the products you paid for on a speedy and convenient timeline.

Here at All About Doors, we always finish what we start. Our technicians work efficiently, having trained hard to provide excellent customer satisfaction and quality craft. Whether a new service or old, we want to do right by our community of homeowners.

Unfortunately, we cannot finish a job started by someone else; instead, we provide a top-to-bottom service for a smooth and complete installation process. All our satisfied clients agree: choose us first, and you won’t run into roadblocks or half-completed construction.

Instead, you will have a reliable entryway from a trusted company ready to provide electric gate repairs and installation when needed.

In Search of Driveway Gates? Contact All About Doors

Choosing the right gate company to transform your abode from a home to an estate has become easier with All About Doors. With a bevy of aesthetic choices and updated convenience for the modern home, an automated electric gate affords you the convenience of not having to exit and enter your vehicle every time you want to leave home.

We provide top-to-bottom service from parts to assembly to installment and electrical connection. Our qualified gate technician team works with electricians to ensure your device is safe and ready to use and will walk you through how to use your home’s newest feature. Once we finish, press a button, and your path is clear.

Call us today to schedule your automatic gate installation in Wilsonville, OR!