Broken Garage Door Springs Aloha OR

Broken springs

Broken Garage Door Springs Aloha Oregon
When springs break they can incapacitate a garage door. It may seem simple enough to replace them, but failing to do so correctly can cause life-threatening injuries. Even broken springs in Aloha OR still carry hundreds of pounds of force. This has to be carefully contained during the removal process. If the pressure is suddenly released it can propel the spring forwards and is strong enough to be fatal. For the safety of yourself and your family, contact All About Doors to replace your broken garage door springs.

Symptoms of a broken spring include:

  • Your pulley and cable are hanging loose.
  • Your garage door rises and lowers at a crooked angle.
  • Your garage door jerks during raising and lowering.
  • The emergency release rope doesn’t let you raise the door.
  • Door speed increases when descending.

  • The upper portion of your door is bent.
  • There is a gap in your garage door spring.
  • A banging noise was heard from your garage.
  • Door raises slightly then stops.
  • The door cable looks like it is broken.

Choose a Professional Broken Spring Replacement

There are some major benefits when you choose our technicians to perform your spring replacement.
Broken Garage Door Springs Aloha

Don’t wait for your spring to ship or risk the wrong part.

It can be difficult to find the right spring for certain garage door models. You may have to wait weeks to get the one you need and even then it can be a risk. We have a large supply of the most common spring types at the ready.

Don’t get inconvenienced by a non-working garage door.

When a spring breaks it can lock your garage door open or shut. It can also stop it in place. If this has occurred it can lock a vehicle in or out and create a security risk. Get it professionally fixed with same-day service and restore complete functionality.

Don’t risk your personal safety.

We’ve said it once before but cannot emphasize it enough. Our technicians have years of experience and hands-on training. We can safely remove your spring, release the tensions, and replace it. Don’t risk your safety when a mistake can be so costly.

Contact us today.

We can often perform same-day spring replacements. Call or contact us today and get service from a qualified local technician. We keep you safe and get your garage door back into peak condition.