Broken Garage Door Springs Beaverton

Are you aware of the dangers broken garage door springs pose?

Broken Garage Door Springs Beaverton
Broken garage door springs on your Beaverton property isn’t just a minor inconvenience; it can be life-threatening. If you’ve encountered any symptoms associated with a broken spring on your garage door, contact our professional technicians immediately. We can safely inspect the component, verify the diagnosis, and replace it. At All About Doors we’ve been protecting homeowners from the DIY dangers of broken spring replacement since 1988. Garage door springs carry hundreds of pounds of pressure. If this unleashes due to improper removal, it can severe digits and even fatally wound. Don’t risk your life for a garage door.

Broken spring symptoms include:

  • Your cable and pulley are loosely hanging.
  • The garage door lifts and lowers at an odd angle.
  • Raising and lowering of the door is jerky.
  • Your emergency release rope isn’t working.
  • A descending door increases in speed.

  • Your door is bent in the upper half.
  • There is a gap in your garage door spring.
  • You heard a banging noise from your garage.
  • Your door lifts slightly then freezes.
  • The door cable is broken.

Your Local Broken Garage Door Spring Replacement Specialists

Broken Garage Door Springs Beaverton OR
We provide our customers with some serious benefits to get them moving faster.

Don’t wait for a part that won’t fit.

Finding the right spring can be difficult. You have to know it will fit your model, and shipping can take weeks. Even then you are taking a calculated risk. If it isn’t the right one you’ll be waiting even longer. We have a constant supply of the most common garage door tension spring types for faster replacement.

Don’t let a broken garage door inconvenience you.

A broken spring can cause your door to lock into position. This leaves your home vulnerable to theft and break-in or locks your car in the garage. We provide same-day service of your garage door. Don’t wait longer than you have to.

Don’t jeopardize your personal safety.

We can’t emphasize it enough; our technicians are trained professionals. They acquired their skills through hands-on experience and intensive training. We can safely remove your broken spring, release the tension, and replace it. Don’t put your safety at risk. The cost of failure is too high.

Contact us today for immediate garage door spring repair services.

Get same-day service from local technicians in Beaverton. We back our work, and we arrive quickly. Just call or contact us to schedule your garage door torsion spring repair today.