Garage door company, All About Doors, explains how clients can tell if they have a broken garage door spring.

What Is a Garage Door Spring?

A garage door spring is small, but it is essential to any door’s opening mechanism.

It catches the twist of the garage door and makes it easier to raise and open.

Without this spring, the door would be more complex, and at times impossible to raise.

Even though most people see this small piece in place on their garage door, they don’t realize its significance. 

Unfortunately, in some cases, garage door springs can become broken and will need to be replaced.

It’s best for individuals to be aware. For anyone experiencing issues with their garage door spring or if they notice wear, they should contact their local garage door specialists as soon as possible in order to prevent further damage or inconvenience. 

What are the Reasons for Broken Garage Door Springs?

Is a broken spring a unique event made only by a specific accident?

Here, there are a few popular reasons for broken garage door springs.


Garage door springs are composed of metal, meaning they’re sensitive to rust.

Rust weakens the coiled spring and also improves the amount of friction, causing it to deteriorate faster.

If any rust happens in the spring, its lifespan can be decreased by years.

Luckily, there’s a simple fix to this issue.

To stop rust from getting on the spring, individuals must spray the spring with some WD-40 a few times annually.

Poor Maintenance:

Garage door springs don’t demand maintenance and general care.

Nevertheless, they also can’t be left wholly to their own devices.

Spraying the springs with WD-40 is a great spot to start.

It’s also an excellent thought to check the stability of the garage door yearly.

If the springs are beginning to fade, the door might fall.

By taking these necessary actions, each client can prolong the lifespan of their door springs.

“Cost-Saving” Plans:

Everyone wants to preserve money.

Unfortunately, there are some things people can’t save on.

As much as it might be attractive to purchase smaller or cheaper springs or perhaps to buy one spring where two are required, these attempts to conserve money will only end up costing individuals more money in the end.

The correct springs will remain intact for many years to come.

The springs will wear out faster when cutting corners, meaning they’ll demand to be replaced much earlier, so it’s best to do it correctly the first time. 

People can seek help from their local garage door specialists like All About Doors! 

Regular Loss:

While it would be incredible if door springs lasted forever, the truth is that the simple act of opening and shutting the door many times every day can wear out a garage door spring.

Most springs will serve for a while, but they won’t remain forever, and they’ll soon need to be replaced.

What Occurs If a Garage Door Spring Breaks?

If a garage door spring breaks, the other spring then carries the entire weight of the garage door.

This might mean:

  1. The door lifts slowly.
  2. It won’t open at all.
  3. It gets held in the trails.
  4. It isn’t simple to open manually.

At times, individuals might not realize that one of their springs went out in some situations until the second one does.

How Much Does It Cost for Clients to Buy New Garage Door Springs?

There are two main types of garage door springs which are extension springs and torsion springs and they cost differently, so the price to replace a garage door spring depends on which kind of spring people have.

Extension springs usually serve to be less costly.

This makes them an outstanding choice if a homeowner has a single-car garage and is managing tight funds.

Torsion springs will usually cost more than extension springs.

The dangers connected with using a broken garage door are numerous, varying from life-threatening danger if the door collapses when someone is under it to annoying when a person can’t get their car out of the garage.

 Homeowners should always seek to replace when dealing with a broken garage door spring.

How Long Do Springs Remain on a Garage Door?

Garage door springs typically last at least 7 to 12 years. Various factors can impact their longevity.

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