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What Is a Garage Door Tune-Up?

Perfectly functioning garage doors Tualatin and garage openers can make your life easy. On the other hand, a broken garage door is not only annoying but can also be very inconvenient. Different factors contribute to the wear and tear of garage doors. The most common reasons are overloading, age, lack of lubrication or fixtures, and improper use. For you to prevent all these issues, a tune-up is necessary every once in a while. In this post, we look at what a garage door tune-up is all about.

What Does a Garage Door Tune-Up Entail?

A garage door tune-up refers to an expert’s brief examination of the structure to gauge its functionality. During a tune-up, the inspector examines the doors from every angle and checks on all the different parts in order to identify any location that may be ravaged by wear and tear. The garage door’s rollers, tracks, springs, and hinges are examined to determine if they need replacement or repair. Also, an overall check is done for any other factors that can lead to the wear and tear of these parts. Finally, the inspector notes down all the findings for further repair or possible replacement.

Why Do I Need a Tune-Up?

Periodic tune-ups are an excellent way to know if your new garage door is in good working condition. Not getting a tune-up can lead to an increased need for fixtures. You should also note that before buying a new garage door opener, it’s better to get the old one checked by a professional. A thorough inspection of the entire system can help you understand the garage door’s condition and its parts. If there is damage, it will be easy to recommend a solution or get one repaired immediately.

What Are The Benefits of Garage Door Tune-Up?

Keeps you prepared

A tune-up can help you identify any issues with your garage door(s) before they lead to more severe problems. Also, in case of emergencies like a broken spring, you’ll be prepared to make a call to the experts for professional help.

Takes care of your investment

With regular maintenance and timely tune-ups, your overhead door can last for years. This will shield you from costly garage door opener repairs in the meantime.

Keeps other parts in working condition

A broken garage door can lead to further damage to other parts and cause significant issues. Make sure you get a tune-up done regularly so you can address the problems right away.

Takes care of your safety

A garage door is one of the most used entryways into your home. It’s crucial to keep it in good working condition at all times. A broken door can lead to accidents and injuries; that’s why a tune-up is essential. Also, ensure that your garage door opener gets serviced and inspected quite frequently in order to prevent any malfunction.

Minimizes damage

Get your doors checked regularly so you can be aware if something is out of place before further damage occurs. Most of the time, it’s easier to repair a small problem than wait for significant damage.

Provides security

Garage doors play a vital role in providing safety for you and your family. This is why it’s crucial to get them checked by Tualatin residential garage door professionals regularly, making sure they are in good working condition.

Signs that a Garage Door Needs Tuning Up

A garage door only needs a tune-up when it’s out of order. But there are signs that you can look for that will entail you if it needs one. Here are the signs:
• It produces too much noise- When your doors start making too much noise and wake or keep you up at night, it might be time for a tune-up.
• It feels heavy- If your door is too heavy for you to pull or push by yourself, it’s time for a tune-up.
• It won’t close- If the closing process is no longer efficient, then it’s time for a tune-up.
• It doesn’t open- Problems like not opening your overhead door even when using the remote control are a sign of malfunctioning parts.

If none of these issues is something you may be experiencing, and yet you think something is wrong with your garage door, it’s better to get it checked by professionals immediately.

How Often Should I Tune Up My Garage Door?

The best time to get a tune-up is in between routine services. This gives maximum space for repairs and maintenance work. Garage doors require frequent upkeep because of the excess wear and tear that happens with regular use. If you are not getting garage door services regularly, it will have adverse effects in the future. You will have to deal with several issues all at once. So, fixing the problems before it worsens is always better than dealing with them after they arise.


If you are looking for a reliable garage door specialist in Tualatin, we hope that this article has helped you out! We provide all types of garage door services. For more information or any questions about our services, call us at (503) 620-2453.


What is included in a garage door tune-up?

A tune-up will include the following:
– Safety inspection of your garage door opener by a professional.
– Cleaning and greasing all moving parts.
– Tightening and oiling of springs, hinges, and all other elements.
– Checking if safety systems are in place properly.

How much should a garage door tune-up cost?

The cost of a tune-up service will depend on the number of doors you have and how old they are. On average, it costs around $150 or so for a single door. If you have more than one door, then the cost will be higher.

How long does a garage door tune-up take?

It usually takes between one to two hours to complete a tune-up, although the exact number of hours varies from case to case. That’s why it is advised you schedule your service appointment in between routine services.

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What Is a Garage Door Tune-Up?

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