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A Guide to Smart Garage Door Technology

Upgrade Your Garage Door Opener with Today’s Latest Technology

Cell Phones and computers, among other things, are not the only gadgets receiving smart updates these days. Even our cars essentially have mini-computers inside of them. So it makes sense that manufacturers and companies are now adding garage door openers to the list of smart home devices. If the coffee machine can integrate with your cell phone and the internet, the garage door should too.

Features of Smart Garage Door Devices

Smart garage door opener gadgets work similarly to the devices on the market that controls the locks and doorbells in your home, among other things. They can fully integrate with your phone and the internet, making it simple to operate and monitor the door for convenience and safety. Some of these features include:

Smart Video Cameras

Some of the models include video cameras that allow you to monitor your garage door activity. This is an excellent choice if you want the added security of being able to see who is coming and going from the garage. It also helps protect against theft and break-ins. Some homeowners use this feature when opening the door remotely for deliveries to ensure that the package is safely left inside the garage.

Two-Way Audio

The two-way audio feature offers a number of uses and benefits. With deliveries, you can open the door and instruct delivery drivers where to leave the package. If you need to let a family or friend into the garage for some reason, you can easily communicate with them. You can also use it to speak with your kids or partner who may be working or playing in the garage. The possibilities for how you can use this feature are boundless.

Garage Door Opener TechnologyIntegration with Other Smart Devices

Depending on the model, the garage door opener device may just pair with your smartphone, which is still a great feature. However, some models take it even further, integrating with Google Assistant devices, Alexa, Apple devices, and other smart home hubs like Wink. Almost all of the devices have apps that you can download on an Android or iPhone.

Smart Door Locking Capabilities

Some models don’t just control the garage door, but can also manage and monitor additional side doors that access the garage. This is great for times when you don’t want to give access to the home through the front door and would prefer visitors, family, or delivery drivers use the side door into the garage instead.

Car Sensors

If you are looking for something special, you can find models that will connect to your phone or other Bluetooth devices to detect when you are near and open the door just in time for your arrival.

Door Sensors

If investing in smart video capabilities is too much for you, you can still find models that will alert your phone when the garage door opens or closes. You won’t be able to see who is coming and going, but you can still have the added security of knowing when the door is in use.

The Benefits of Having a Smart Garage Door Opener

The cost of upgrading your garage door opener to one with these features and capabilities might seem steep or unnecessary. Still, the benefits and convenience tend to outway the upfront cost.

Convenient Home Access

Many homeowners feel uncomfortable allowing remote access to their home through the front door. Having a smart garage door opener offers a safer option because visitors will still have to get through another door to gain full access to the home. This is also a convenient feature when you have someone swinging by to pick something up. You can leave the item in the garage, instead of the person having to enter the home entirely.

Safe Package Deliveries

Gone are the days of misplaced packages. With audio, video, and remote access capabilities, you can instruct delivery drivers to leave your items inside the garage. Some models even allow you to grant one-time access codes, so you don’t have to be available and near your phone at the time of delivery.

Automatic Operation

No more wondering if you forgot to close the garage door behind you after you’ve left the house. Most smart garage door devices will close the door automatically after you’ve left. Some will even detect when you are close to home and open the door for your arrival.

Added Security

With video and audio capabilities, as well as alerts and notifications when the door is opened or closed, you can have more peace of mind that your home and valuables are safe. Homes with older garage doors and openers are more susceptible to break-ins. With smart opener devices, you can deter burglars and quickly notify the authorities upon notification that the door has been accessed.

Smart Garage Door Opener Devices

There are several devices today that can be added to update your current opener to a smart device. Some openers already come with smart technology features included. The following are some of the top smart garage door devices for 2020:

  • Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Hub
  • Garage Door Buddy
  • GarageMate
  • Garadget
  • Alcidae Garager 2
  • iSmartgate Garage (comes in PRO or LITE)
  • Asante Garage
  • Nexx Garage
  • Garageio
  • Tailwind iQ3

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A Guide to Smart Garage Door Technology

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