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Common Garage Door Issues During the Winter: How to Avoid Them

Winter is Coming: Prepare the Garage Door

The fall is in full swing here in Hillsboro. The school year is well on its way, the family has already participated in pumpkin patches and fall festivals, and football season has brought its fair share of delights and disappointments already this year. This time of year also has homeowners thinking about preparing their homes for the upcoming winter and holiday season. However, one of the areas often overlooked when performing fall maintenance is the garage door. Here are a few ways to avoid common garage door issues during the winter.

Winterizing the Garage Door

Check the Garage Door’s Seal

The first step to evaluating the garage door for the winter is checking its seal. Checking the garage door seal is a pretty simple task. When it’s dark outside, turn on the interior light in the garage. Then, stand out and look for any areas around the door where light comes through. These cracks of light indicate an issue with the garage door’s seal. Take care to replace missing or worn parts of the weatherstripping as soon as possible.

Lubricate All Metal Moving Parts

Garage doors have multiple metal moving parts. Lubrication is critical to the ordinary operation of these parts. Be sure to properly lubricate all metal parts before winter to help avoid jerky movement or an unbalanced garage door. Make sure to use the correct lubricant, one that’s specifically meant for garage doors. Stay away from any lubricants that contain silicone or petroleum.

Replace or Repair Broken Parts

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Winterizing the garage door can prevent access and heat-loss issues throughout the winter.

Make sure to inspect the garage door’s tracks. Also, examine the springs and all other parts. Any broken pieces need repairing or replacing. Call a professional garage door company to perform this repair.

Check the Battery in the Garage Door Opener

Most homeowners find that the battery in the garage door opener lasts about a year. Be sure to change the battery if it’s been a while. No one wants to be trapped outside of their garage on a cold winter day.

Check the Battery in the External Key Pad

There’s usually a 9-volt battery underneath the keypad cover for garage doors with an external keypad. Extreme temperature fluctuations affect battery life, so be sure to change this battery at least once a year.

Check the Garage Door’s Balance

Disable the garage door by pulling the emergency cord. Then, attempt to open the garage door with one hand. If the door does not open easily, there may be a problem with the garage door, and a professional garage door repair company should come to take a look at it.


Depending on what homeowners use their garage for, insulation can make the winter much more bearable, no matter the weather. Proper insulation is critical for the health of any temperature-sensitive equipment in the garage, primarily if homeowners use the garage as a workshop. If the garage is attached, insulation prevents heat-loss through the garage and helps conserve energy. This energy conservation results in lower utility bills, as well. Hire a professional contractor or a specialist to install insulation to be sure it’s done correctly.

Check the Garage Door’s Automatic Reversal System

Most garage doors have either a mechanical reversal system or a photoelectric reversal system.

  • Mechanical Reversal System. To check a mechanical reversal system, homeowners will need a two-by-four or other piece of wood. Place the wood on the threshold of the garage door while it’s open. Then, press the button to close the door. When the door comes into contact with the wood, it should automatically reverse once it detects the resistance. If it does not, make sure to contact a professional garage door repair person to evaluate the problem and address it.
  • Photoelectric Reversal System. To check a photoelectric reversal system for the garage door, homeowners should stick a piece of wood in the beam while the door is closing. If the door doesn’t automatically stop and then reverse, there’s a problem. The most common issue with photoelectric reversal systems is the misalignment of the two units on either side of the garage door. If re-aligning the units doesn’t fix the problem, a professional needs to look at the garage door.

A garage door that doesn’t correctly close when it should or doesn’t detect obstructions when it should is a garage door that compromises the safety and warmth of the home during the winter.

Consider a Unit Heater

If homeowners and their families use their garages as workshops or hangout spots during the winter, a small heater may be a good investment for the season. Weatherstripping and proper insulation go a long way to protect the garage from the elements, but a heater will heat the garage without significant construction costs or space requirements. According to Popular Mechanics, electric heaters are easier to install inside of garages than gas heaters are, but they are more expensive to operate.

How Can All About Doors Help?

All About Doors has over 25 years of experience serving Hillsboro residents and homeowners for all of their garage door service needs. As a family-owned company, All About Doors built their reputation and livelihood on superior customer service. None of the employees at All About Doors receive a commission, and they only endorse high-quality products. Whether residents need garage door replacement, installation, repair, or maintenance, All About Doors can handle it. A 30-day labor warranty backs every single installation along with a 1-year part warranty. Call today to get an appointment with the winner of the Angie’s List Super Service Award every year since 2011!


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Common Garage Door Issues During the Winter: How to Avoid Them

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