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Garage Door Upgrades

Garage Door Upgrades

Reasons To Upgrade

The garage is the biggest door on any home and therefore receives a lot of attention, this can be either good or bad. If the garage door is looking a little old and worn out this could draw a lot of unwanted attention. Upgrading a garage can change the entire look of a home with just a few adjustments. Beautiful garage doors boost the curb appeal of the home and can make it easier to sell later on. Functional upgrades improve how the door operates and extends its life, reducing repairs. There are so many different ways to upgrade a garage door even if you just had a new door installed. Most of these garage upgrades are fairly inexpensive and simple to do, requiring little effort but creating a big effect.

Aesthetic Garage Upgrades

There are so many ways to make a garage door look better. These DIY upgrades are a fantastic option because they are small and simple but add a lot to the look of the door. Adding a pergola above the garage creates such a beautiful look. Although this project might require a little bit more crafting, the results are breathtaking. This is a very fitting option for cottage-style homes. If something simple is the better way to go, consider adding the house numbers to the garage door. Some homes already have this but changing the size or style of the numbers can have a dramatic effect on the look of the garage door. Large numbers, metallic numbers, ornate numbers, either option will definitely add a new look to the home.

A very simple way to upgrade the look of a garage door is treating it with a fresh coat of paint. Even if the paint isn’t peeling off a fresh coat can make all the difference. Plus this creates the opportunity to change the colors. A bright contrasting color could add a very modern look to the home, or maybe a warmer, more inviting color. Either way the options are endless, re-painting the garage door is a fantastic and simple way to upgrade the look of a home! If the garage door happens to be wood, a new coat of gel stain does wonder. It’s hard to notice, over the years, when the dark colors start to fade but woods such as walnut, cherry, oak, and mahogany need to be cared for and gel stain is just the way to do that.

Other aesthetic upgrades include decorative hardware. Handles and hinges are a simple but excellent way to instantly upgrade the look of a garage door. They add an element that helps the door stand out and draw more attention. The options of hardware are nearly endless; simple, ornate, black, or copper, they all help add some personality to the door. Decorating and enhancing garage doors has become increasingly popular over the years. Adding windows or faux windows has really caught on and for good reason. The addition of windows can not only serve as a functional upgrade to add more light into the garage but it also makes the garage door look more appealing. There are many options when it comes to the windows; curved, square or rectangle, each offers its own design. And the trim around the windows can be upgraded to create different looks. Painting the window trim a different color can completely alter the look of the door.

Functional Garage Upgrades

Beautiful Garage DoorsIf the look of the garage door is just fine, consider the functionality of it. Old garages might not run as smooth as they used to. Upgrading the hardware throughout the garage can have major improvements on the way the garage operates. Upgrading the rollers or tracks will provide a smoother opening and closing. Going big and upgrading your entire opener will have major effects. There are so many different types of openers that provide nearly silent operation and wireless options. Some garage door openers can be controlled via cell phone.

Installing insulation is a major upgrade and money-saving! Insulating the garage will regulate the interior temperature saving hundreds on the electricity bill. Replacing the weatherstripping is always a great idea because it is often forgotten but plays a major role in protecting the garage. Any of these upgrades will improve the functionality and reduce repairs.

Most homeowners use their garages as storage space instead of a place to park their cars. For this reason, there have been many ingenious ways to organize a garage to increase space and put it to good use. The garage is essentially an extra room in the house if the car isn’t parked there. Not utilizing this space to the fullest ability is a waste. Adding shelves inside the garage is probably one of the most helpful and versatile upgrades. But if the garage is intended to be used, that dirty concrete floor can be a major turn off. Re-painting or adding carpet can completely change the entire space. This opens up the option for a play space for children or an arts and crafts room. Get creative and upgrade the interior of the garage to utilize every inch of space!

New Door

If DIY upgrades aren’t going to cut it, consider installing a new door. Not only does this instantly increase the look of the open but it opens up the opportunity for upgrades but the professionals who installed it. First and foremost is the type of new door. There’s only so much to do when upgrading an existing door but getting a brand new door allows for a new style or material. Steel, wood, swing-out, or glass-paneled are all fantastic options.

The experts at All About Doors are happy to work with you in deciding on your new door. Upgrading to a new garage door opener is a great idea, also considering upgrading your springs. Getting all of this done at the same time ensures there won’t be any problems with the garage door for a long time. All of our technicians are equipped and trained to install a variety of doors and they can show you how to operate your new door if it has newer technology.

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Garage Door Upgrades

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