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Creative Garage Renovation Ideas

Remodeling Your Garage

Spring is not that far off, and before you know it, the cold winter months will make way for sunshine and blooming gardens. Homeowners and DIYers will be itching to get out and start on new home renovation projects. Though most people tend to only think about remodeling rooms inside the home, the garage can be a goldmine of possibilities.

Whether your garage needs some updating and organization, or you are looking to do a full conversion, the ideas below can help you get started. However, before you get begin your project, there are a few essential details to consider:

Obtain a Permit for Your Garage Remodel

If you are only looking to make some small adjustments or spruce up the garage a bit, obtaining a permit may not be necessary. More significant conversions and remodeling projects, however, may require you to get permission. If you are unsure, a quick call or visit to your local municipality office should clear things up. Some cities and towns have more strict rules and regulations than others when it comes to making physical changes to your property.

Will Your Garage Require Utility Hookups?

Most garage spaces these days already have electricity for lighting and outlets, but most are not equipped with heating and cooling. If you are doing a full conversion and turning your garage into a room that will need temperature control, you’ll need to keep this in mind. While it is, of course, not impossible to have heat or air conditioning in your garage, it is something that will require a little extra effort. Additionally, if you are considering your garage for a home office, you will need to have wifi installed, or get an extender so the wifi from your home can reach the garage.

Don’t Forget the Garage Door

When thinking about your garage remodeling project, the garage door should be one of the first things you consider. Some homeowners opt to remove the door entirely and put up a wall in its place with a standard doorway for the entrance. Removing the garage door is not necessary, though, and is useful to still have for those warmer months when you can open the door up to get fresh air and sunshine in the space.

If you do keep the garage door, it may need to be updated. Older garage doors might not be insulated well enough or sturdy enough to offer the protection needed if you will be spending considerable amounts of time in the converted space. Many garage door companies these days don’t just offer repairs and basic garage doors but also have a selection of modern doors to fit your new converted space. Some even do custom designs.

Garage Conversion Ideas

These days, there are a wealth of sites for DIYers to share and get inspired by home design and remodeling projects. So when it comes to garage conversions, if you’ve thought about it, someone has likely already done it and posted about it on the internet. There are numerous ways you could use your garage for other than parking your car and storage. The following are some of the more popular ideas we’ve found:

Turn Your Garage Into a Home Office

One of the top garage conversion ideas is the home office. Though remote work is not something new, it is something that has become increasingly popular in the past few years. Freelancers and even full-time salaried employees are discovering the benefits of having a more balanced work and personal life. Businesses, too, are finding that thier staff is often happier and more productive when they have the flexibility to work either partially or full-time from home.

Most homeowners tend to convert rooms in the home into an office space, but the garage is the better choice. When you have your office space in the house, it can make it hard to concentrate and escape from in-home distractions. The garage offers the convenience of still being “home,” but provides a separate space where you can focus and keep your work life separate from your home life.

Convert Your Garage Into a Home GymHome Gym Garage Conversion Beaverton

Number two on the list of top garage remodels is the home gym. With trendy fitness studios and boutique gyms on the rise, it’s no surprise that homeowners want to create their own personal gym to save money. Going to a yoga studio every day is nice, sure, but it’s not easy on the budget.

The garage is the ideal space for a home gym because it is already a space that is designed to take a bit of a beating. So there’s no need to worry about letting go and breaking a sweat. Throwing down some mats and creating some organization for your fitness equipment is all it really takes. Of course, you can also opt to do a full makeover and create a more clean and modern fitness studio space if that’s what you want. The possibilities are endless.

Creating a Music Room in Your Garage

Another common choice for garage conversions is a rehearsal space or recording studio. Or, perhaps your kids need a space to experiment with music without the constant drumming driving you nuts. Either way, whether music is just a fun hobby or a serious profession, the garage is the perfect place to build a music room.

When there are others in the home that are trying to relax or concentrate on other projects, loud instruments can be quite a distraction. The garage offers a separate space where you or your family can let loose and play without the worry of disturbing others. The garage can also be soundproofed easily, so the noise doesn’t disturb the neighbors as well.

How All About Doors Can Help

At All About Doors, we understand that your garage door is not just a door. Whether your door needs repairs, or you are looking for an update, we are here to help. A new garage door not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home, but it also offers protection from intruders and harsh elements. For all of your garage door needs in Beaverton, OR, contact All About Doors today!

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Creative Garage Renovation Ideas

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