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Garage Door Repair West Linn

Signs Your Garage Door Needs to Be Repaired

6 Garage Door Issues to Look Out For

The garage serves as the main entrance to the home more often than the front door. With the amount of rain here in the northwest, it’s common for homeowners to park their cars and enter their homes through the garage to avoid getting wet. The more the garage door gets used, the quicker it will wear down and require replacing or repairs. Regrettably, the garage door often gets overlooked when it comes to things around the home needing repair.

By putting off repairs, however, you could end up paying more than if you had your garage door serviced and repaired regularly. If you start to notice any of the signs below, it may be time to call your local garage door company for repairs.

1. The Garage Door Won’t Open or Close

The most obvious sign, of course, that something is wrong with the garage door is when it stops opening or closing. Or perhaps it will open and close occasionally, but not consistently. Some homeowners even experience a door that will only close partially, or only open part of the way before stopping. Whichever issue you are having, they are all signs that something requires repair. Any of the following reasons could be why your garage door is malfunctioning:

  • The cables are worn or broken
  • The photo-eye is blocked or in need of repair
  • The springs have broken
  • The remote needs replacing
  • The door has come off the tracks
  • An electrical issue

2. The Garage Door Is Slow to Respond

Does the garage door take more than a few seconds to respond after you push the remote? Though it may not seem like a pressing issue, if left unattended, the problem could grow worse. A delay in the opening or closing of the garage door could indicate a variety of issues. There could be something wrong with the motor, or there could be a malfunction with the electrical circuitry. It might also be an issue with the track, like bad pulleys or rollers.

3. The Garage Door Is Noisy When Operating

All garage doors make some noise while operating. However, if you are noticing strange sounds or if the garage is generally very noisy when opening and closing, it is likely in need of some repairs.

If the door is making a rattling noise, the support rails or a chain could be loose.  A grating or rumbling sound might indicate an issue with the coils or springs. Popping or banging noises are usually a sign that the panels or sections of the garage door are defective. If it sounds like something is grinding, the track might need lubricating, or something could be misaligned.

4. The Garage Door Is Uneven or Sagging

When your garage door appears to be sagging or if it doesn’t close evenly, this is usually a sign that something is out of balance. If left unattended, an imbalanced garage door can lead to over-stressed springs. When the springs wear down, they snap, which increases the workload on other parts of the door. Over time, as the increased workload puts stress on the door, it will result in the door breaking down prematurely.

To test if your door is out of balance, first shut off the automatic opener if you have one. Next, open the garage door halfway. When you let go, if the door stays in place at the halfway point, it is balanced. However, if the door continues moving up on its own, or slams shut, it means that something is off-balance and needs repairing.

5. The Garage Door Has Come Off the Tracks

The rollers usually keep the garage door operating smoothly along the track. When the rollers come off the track, the garage door will stop opening and closing correctly. If this happens, you will need to have it repaired immediately. There is no simple DIY fix for this situation, and it is dangerous to operate a garage door that is off the track.

6. The Garage Door Shakes When Opening

A little shaking and movement when the garage door opens and closes is normal. However, if you are noticing excessive shaking or vibrations, this could be a sign that something needs to be fixed. It is difficult to determine what is causing the problems without a proper diagnosis from a professional. There are a few reasons why the shaking could be occurring. Some things to look out for are, issues with the track, like the rollers being misaligned, or loose screws or other hardware pieces.

Replacing the Garage DoorWest Linn Garage Door Company

Though repairs for your current garage door might be just what the doctor ordered, there could be times when the door might need replacing. If you know the door is not that old and it is having issues, it probably just needs a repair. Unfortunately, some things cannot be fixed, and if any of the following apply, you might need to start thinking about having a new garage door installed.

The Garage Door Is Old

Maybe you’ve been in your home for years, or perhaps you just purchased a new home that needs some updating. Either way, it may be time to get a new garage door if any of the above issues are frequently happening. If you constantly have to call for repairs, it is probably time for an upgrade.

Your Electric Bill Is High

Have you struggled to keep your home cool in the summer or warm in the winter, and can’t figure out why? It might be an issue with your garage door. If you have an attached garage, warm and cold air can easily leak into the home, especially if you have a garage door that is not well insulated. Even newer doors are not always efficient depending on the type of door and the material used. If you are struggling to keep your electric bill down, it might be time to consider a new garage door that is better insulated.

How All About Doors Can Help

All About Doors is a family-owned and operated garage door company that has been serving pacific northwest residents for over 30 years. We understand that a broken garage door is more than just a small inconvenience. Our technicians are trained and certified to offer you the highest quality garage repair services in West Linn. Contact All About Doors to schedule your service today!



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Signs Your Garage Door Needs to Be Repaired

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