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Do I Have to Replace My Whole Garage Door If Just a Section Is Damaged?

Garage doors have several moving parts. They require regular maintenance and replacement of worn elements for their continued smooth operation. Therefore, it is to your benefit to maintain good garage door repair practices if you want to avoid serious issues. If you get to this point, you might have to replace the damaged section of the door or find a new garage door altogether. To help make an informed decision on which option would be the best for your situation, we compare repairing a garage door section to replacing the whole door.

Can I Replace a Section of the Garage Door?

Some garage doors are made of separate panels that may be removed individually. While you can replace a broken section of your garage door, it will not solve the underlying problem with the remaining sections. Ultimately, they will pose just as much risk as to the one you have replaced. When repairing damaged garage door parts, getting a professionally trained expert to give you a quote is crucial. In most instances, the same company you called for Wilsonville garage door repairs can also install new garage door panels if this is what you choose to do.

Garage Door Sections You Can Repair Safely

If you have a sectional garage door, which comprises multiple sections to make up the entire door, it can be challenging to determine whether or not repairing them would be the right option. Parts like torsion springs and cables are so essential that only a garage service expert should do the job. However, panels of a sectional door can be restored if you follow the proper guidelines.
A sectional garage door consists of panels that are braced using steel brackets and screws. These can break or become detached from the frame, so there is no risk in replacing them as long as you have an excellent diagram by which to reassemble it correctly. If the damage to your garage door is limited to a single panel, you can replace it with ease.
You can also replace broken cables and upgrade the garage door opener without compromising the door’s structural integrity. However, local garage door repair is best performed by professional garage door services as they can be more complicated than replacing a sectional garage door panel.

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Garage Door Repair or Replace?

If you’re torn between repairing a section and replacing the whole garage door, a few factors may help you to narrow down your decision. These include:
Age of the Garage Door
While garage services may be possible on a section, it is ultimately dependent on the age of your door. Have your garage door checked regularly for worn components or faulty installation because this can affect its overall stability. Damaged parts of your garage door will need to be replaced if they are cracked, broken, or missing altogether. It is never a good idea to seek garage service if these issues are still present, as the risk of future damage is just too significant.

Damage Level and Severity

If your entire garage door has been affected by damage, you need to consider replacing it with an entirely new one. This will ensure that you get value for money while protecting yourself from more serious problems that may arise. If you notice that the garage door has developed a few cracks, make sure they are not spreading and try to fix them immediately.

Cost Implications

When you consider that a new garage door costs just as much to install as repairing the old one, it is usually more cost-effective to opt for a new door. However, if the problem with your current garage door lies in a single section and not throughout the whole structure, then investing in repairs may be more cost-efficient. You should discuss your situation with a professional garage door company for advice on the best way to proceed.

Advantages of Replacing an Entire Garage Door

When you decide that it’s time to purchase a new garage door, do not just buy any hardware you see on the market. To get a new garage door that will last for years and save you costs in the long run, you need to make an intelligent decision by researching the market and getting more information about what garage doors that will best suit your needs.
In most cases, buying an entirely new door is indeed more helpful than replacing parts individually. Here are some of its benefits:
• Energy Efficiency
• Preventing Damage
• Improved durability
• Affordable in the long run
• Better security


Ultimately, the best option would be to call in a professional installer for any garage service work that you need. They will provide you with more accurate repairs or replacements and have the expertise and tools required to safely fix most parts of your door, no matter what type of panel they are. For advice about your garage door repairs, give us a call today!


Can you replace just one section of a garage door?

You can replace just about any section of your garage door Wilsonville if you have the right parts. The exception is the garage door spring, which should be replaced as a complete kit. Be sure to check everything carefully to not waste money on replacing something that does not need it.

How much does it cost to replace a garage door section?

This can vary based on the model of door you have. A new section costs between $250 and $500, but it can be more if you need to replace something other than a panel (like garage door spring or garage door openers). It is always best to call a professional for price quotes.

Can a damaged garage door be repaired?

Many damaged garage doors can be restored to work as well as new ones, but this is not always the case. If your door has been compromised to the point where it needs a whole new section, you will need a qualified professional for that job. Only replace an entire door if there is no other option (and only if it is still in warranty).

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Do I Have to Replace My Whole Garage Door If Just a Section Is Damaged?

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