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Can I Fix My Stuck Garage Door Myself?

Whether it’s because of age or lack of maintenance, a garage door will eventually start experiencing malfunctions. One of the most common problems is when your garage door gets stuck when you open or close the garage. While this is an issue best left to the professionals, some DIY enthusiasts might naturally want to solve the problem independently. So, can you fix a stuck garage door by yourself? This blog will explain some ways you can try to fix your garage door problems and when it would be better to seek out professional garage door repair!

Why does my garage door get stuck?

If you have to close your garage door manually, it is because:

-The spring or chain might have snapped. This might be because your garage hasn’t been used in years and isn’t up to current safety standards.

-The motor could also not have enough power to lift such a heavy object anymore, making it seem like your garage door is stuck.

-It could also be that the door itself has warped over time, thus making it difficult to open or close.

-The battery in the remote of your garage door openers might also be dead, disabling the functioning of the door.

-Something is wrong with the garage door sensor

-Lastly, there might be an obstruction in the tracks that keeps your door from moving up and down.

How can I fix a jammed garage door?

You can fix a stuck garage door by yourself, depending on the cause. This is because some fixes are more complicated than others, and it might be better to leave them for professionals if you lack experience or expertise in this area. Try any of the solutions below:

Replace the battery

Sometimes, the issue is as simple as the battery in your remote being dead. This can be easily solved by simply replacing it with a new one available at any hardware store.

Clear the tracks

Another similar cause is the presence of dirt or other debris in your garage door tracks. This might make it difficult for you to open and close your garage door as intended, but a simple vacuum cleaner will solve this issue right away.

Replace springs

If both options above don’t work, then you might need to replace either one or two broken springs. If you’ve never done this before, we suggest hiring a garage door repair company or an experienced handyman to take care of the job.

Replace the motor

If replacing your broken spring and cleaning your damaged garage door track doesn’t solve the problem either, there may be something wrong with the electric motor itself, which will need replacing.

Replace the door

If all else fails, then your garage door itself may just be too old to go on. This might even result in a broken roller if you’re not careful about removing the door from its tracks and inspecting what exactly has happened. Replacing such a vital part of your garage isn’t a job to be taken lightly, and we recommend hiring a professional company for the task.

Can I fix my stuck garage door stuck open?

While you can try to solve the problem yourself, a professional should take care of the issue for several reasons. Fixing most garage doors is a demanding task that requires not only knowledge but also time. In addition, you might also need specific tools and equipment that can get expensive if purchased for single-use. Finally, what seems to be a simple problem requires several different fixes before being fully resolved. This means multiple trips from your home or office to the garage will only add up in cost over time.


Is it safe to fix a garage door by myself?

There is a fair share of risks involved in fixing a garage door. It wouldn’t be safe to try and do it on your own, even if you have some mechanical background. Some of the dangers to watch out for include:

-A garage door is a heavy structure that can cause injury if it falls on someone.

-You might also get injured trying to lift a heavy object by yourself, which is why you should always have at least one other person around for this task.

-You might need to remove the door from its tracks, which is a complicated process that someone can only do with experience. Needless to say, this job also requires effort, caution and expertise.

-Fixing your garage opener motor will require extensive knowledge about how it works to avoid accidentally damaging anything else while replacing it.

-Finally, the garage door extension springs have a high chance of breaking if you’re not careful about the way you remove them from their tracks. The high tension might cause injury and even death in the worst-case scenario. It’s best to leave this job for professionals who know what they are doing.

How much does it cost to get my garage fixed?

Garage door repairs can vary in price. It all depends on the severity of the issue. Proper maintenance can prevent you from needing costly repairs in the future.

We Can Fix Your Garage Doors!

At All About Doors, we have provided high-quality garage door repairs, installation, maintenance and replacement in the Lake Oswego area for over a decade. We understand how frustrating it can be to deal with this issue, and our technicians are always on hand to offer a lasting solution. Visit our website or call us!

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Can I Fix My Stuck Garage Door Myself?

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