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Garage Door Replacement Vs. Garage Door Repair

Is Your Garage Door Broken?

While some homeowners may only use the garage for storage, a properly functioning garage door is critical so that they can get the most out of their garage. Garages are an excellent investment and can be a multi-functional space in the home. When the garage door stops working, it can be hard to know whether the problem is repairable or not. The following guide can help homeowners decipher whether they need to repair or replace their garage door. If you still have any questions, you can contact a garage door repair expert at All About Doors!

Common Garage Door Issues and What to Do

Below, we’ve covered a few common garage door problems and whether the issue will likely require garage door repair or garage door replacement

1. Garage Door Suddenly Stops Working

If the garage door suddenly stops working one day, it’s likely an issue that can be repaired. However, this might not always be the case. A sudden malfunction is likely due to an isolated incident in comparison to a garage door that has had longstanding issues. Before you call a garage door professional, make sure to check the batteries in the garage door opener. Sometimes, in the stress of the early morning when you’re trying to get out of the house, you may mistake dead batteries for an irreparable garage door. If you change the batteries and the garage door still doesn’t work, call a garage door repair professional.

2. Garage Door is Too Heavy

Garage doors are heavy. However, the garage door mechanism is designed in a way to ensure that the full weight of the door doesn’t wear it down. If something isn’t working quite right with your garage door and it seems too heavy, it’s possible that the garage door springs have worn down. In this case, a garage door repair person can replace the garage door springs instead of the entire garage door.

3. A Damaged Panel on the Garage Door

If a single panel is damaged on the garage door, don’t stress out about replacing the entire door. As long as the damage is contained within a single panel, a garage door technician can swap out the damaged panel for a new one from the manufacturer. However, keep in mind that if you ignore a damaged panel on the garage door, the damage can spread and you may end up needing a garage door replacement. Address any garage door damage as soon as possible to avoid further costs and repairs.

4. Garage Door is Sagging

If it seems that the garage door is sagging or that one side is higher than the other when it’s halfway open, that’s a sign that your garage door is improperly balanced. If you ignore this issue, you can expect that the unnecessary stress on the lift motor will result in costly repairs or a garage door replacement. If you notice that your garage door is sagging, call a garage door technician to balance the garage door as soon as possible.

5. Garage Door Working Improperly for a Long Time

garage door repair vs garage door replacement oregon

If your garage door hasn’t been working right for a while, it may be repairable. Call the experts at All About Doors!

If the garage door is a constant source of frustration, it may be time for a replacement. Unlike spontaneous issues that are addressed immediately, longstanding issues that have gone a long time without repair may result in the need for a total garage door replacement. It’s best to have a garage door technician come take a look if you’ve got a problematic garage door.

6. Severe Damage to the Garage Door

If the garage door is severely damaged, it’ll likely be more cost-effective to replace the garage door than to repair it. Examples of severe damage that require garage door replacement include fallen tree limbs, storm damage, and collision damage. However, you can always have a garage door repair technician come out and look at the damage to assess whether you need a replacement or repair.

7. Garage Door is More than 20 Years Old

An ancient garage door may be past the point of repair. However, a well-maintained garage door can last quite a long time. In the case of an older garage door, we recommend having a garage door technician come out to your home and check to see if it needs replacement or repair to resume normal function.

8. Garage Door Lacks Safety Features

Safety sensors on garage doors detect when a child or pet crosses the threshold while the door is closing. These sensors prompt the door to stop immediately to avoid any injury to small children or pets. Garage doors are heavy and can cause significant injuries. While some older garage doors can have sensors retro-fitted, others are too expensive to modify. To ensure that small animals and children are safe, it’s critical to replace the garage door with a safer model.

9. Garage Door Isn’t Energy Efficient

In the case of a garage door that uses too much energy, it may be worth it to homeowners to replace the garage door completely. Garage door replacements are one of the best home improvement projects when it comes to return on investment (ROI). Replacing the garage door will improve your property value and increase your energy efficiency.

How Can All About Doors Help You?

Tigard Door Co. was founded in the summer of 1988 by Loy “Tex” Nix as a local garage door service company. After working on garage doors in Portland for many years for Crawford Door Co., Tex, with the assistance of his wife Marsha, set out on their own by offering service to the local community and the immediate surrounding areas. Eventually, their son Dave, a master installer, joined them in the business.

When Tex retired and Dave took over the business in 2004, he wanted a broader focus for the company and changed the name to All About Doors Inc. All About Doors firmly stands behind the products that we sell. Through the years we have tried and tested all types of garage door products. Our mission is to educate the customer and advise them to make the right decision on all products that will fit their need as well as their budget. We will not sell or install any product that we do not believe in. If you think your garage door needs repair, call us today at All About Doors!

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Garage Door Replacement Vs. Garage Door Repair

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