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Garage Door Replacement Vs. Garage Door Repair

Posted on by All About Doors

Is Your Garage Door Broken? While some homeowners may only use the garage for storage, a properly functioning garage door […]

How Does Summer Weather Affect Your Garage Door?

Posted on by All About Doors

Summer is Coming to Portland The past couple of months of spring have been challenging for many Portlanders due to […]

How to Safely Clean Your Garage Door

Posted on by All About Doors

How Often Should I Clean the Garage Door? Though the garage door is tough enough to withstand the harsh elements […]

Garage Organization Tips for Spring

Posted on by All About Doors

Show Your Garage a Little Love This Spring Come spring, homeowners everywhere start breaking out their mops and dusters to […]

How to Align Garage Door Sensors

Posted on by All About Doors

Adjusting and Realigning Photo Eye Sensors or ISB’s ISB’s or Infrared Safety Beams, also called photo eye sensors, are an […]


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