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How Do I Stop My Garage Door From Beeping? 

A beeping garage door not only attracts unnecessary attention but can also be a nuisance when you’re trying to catch some sleep after a long day. Unfortunately, this is something that too many homeowners can relate to. It gets even worse when you don’t know what’s causing your garage door to beep in the first place. This blog post will guide you on stopping your garage door from beeping and when you should seek garage door repairs.

Why is my garage door opener beeping?

Before you even try to stop the beeping, you must know why your garage door is beeping in the first place. In most cases, the garage door opener beeps because:

The battery is low

If the battery power is low, it might cause the garage door opener to emit warning beeps every time you try opening or closing your garage. Check the opener on the battery LED light, If the garage door opener light is red, all you have to do is change the battery, and everything will go back to normal again. The led light should then stop flashing a solid orange light.

The safety reverse system has been activated

If there’s an obstacle in front of your garage door, the safety reverse system will be activated, causing it to emit warning beeps. What you need to do is press any button on your remote control or push-button keypad, and everything should go back to normal again.

The photoelectric sensors are misaligned

If the photoelectric sensors of your garage door opener are misaligned, they might cause the garage door opener to emit warning beeps. In this case, realign them, and that should fix the issue.

A timer is set

If a timer has been set, the garage door opener gives out warning beeps when it’s about to close. Press any button on your remote control or push-button keypad, and the beeping will stop. You might also want to remove the timer so that it doesn’t happen again.

Battery backup

Lastly, the garage door opener might also be operating on its battery backup. If that’s the case, it might cause the opener to emit warning beeps to inform you of the dead battery backup. Unplug all devices before turning them back on again.

How To Stop Your Garage Door openers From Beeping?

So, now that you’ve identified why your garage door opener is beeping, it’s time for a quick fix! Here are a few things you can do to stop your Liftmaster garage door openers from beeping:

-Change the battery backup of your remote control or keypad. This is by far one of the most common reasons why your garage door is beeping, so it’s worth trying first. If that doesn’t work, then move on to step number two.

-Press any button on your remote control or keypad. If you’re closing the garage and there’s an obstacle, pressing a button will cancel the safety reverse system that causes warning beeps. This method doesn’t work if it’s about to open, though!

-Realign/reposition photoelectric sensors. When they get misaligned for some reason, they might cause the garage door opener to emit warning beeps. To fix this issue, reposition them correctly, and everything should go back to normal again!

-Turn off/unplug devices connected with your garage door openers. If a timer has been set in place or an obstacle activates the safety reverse system, turning off and unplugging all devices connected with your opener will fix the problem.

-Finally, if none of these options works for you or you can’t identify what’s causing the beeping sound on your garage door, it’s best to consult a professional who can help you determine exactly why your garage is beeping and recommend a solution.

Should I call a professional?

Once you’ve tried each of the possible solutions above and still can’t stop your garage door from beeping, give them a call! A professional will identify the cause of your garage door beeping and fix it quickly. They have access to several tools that you don’t, so it’s definitely worth calling them if you’re experiencing an issue with your opener! In this case, you can be sure of an accurate diagnosis and a lasting solution. Furthermore, the garage door expert might encounter hidden garage door issues during the inspection that need attention. This will save you time and trouble in the future.

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Sick Of A Beeping Garage Door? Call a Professional!

If your beeping garage door is getting on your nerves, you should call a professional. At All About Doors, we have qualified technicians with years of experience fixing malfunctioning garage doors around the city. No job is too small or too big for us. Just give us a call anytime you have a garage door emergency. Visit our website to learn more about our services!


Why is my garage door beeping?

There are several reasons why your garage door might beep. The most common is because the opener’s photoelectric sensors have been misaligned, so it tries to reposition them and emits warning beeps in the meantime! Another common cause is batteries going dead, which can happen if you don’t use your remote control or keypad for a long time.

Do I need a new opener?

If it is more than 20 years old and there are problems with safety features like reverse sensors, then yes, you definitely need a new one! However, if that isn’t the case, a professional can usually fix your garage door opener.

Can you disable garage door sensors?

Yes, you can! If the sensors are causing beeping sounds on your garage door opener, call an expert to disable them. This will eliminate the noise and allow you to open/close your garage without any problems.

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How Do I Stop My Garage Door From Beeping? 

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