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How Does a New Garage Door Boost Your Home’s Value?

Your garage door may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about improving your home’s value, but it’s an essential element that can significantly impact your property’s worth. A new garage door enhances your home’s curb appeal and improves its functionality and security. In this article, we’ll explore how a new garage door can boost your home’s value and why it’s a smart investment for homeowners.

Will Investing in a New Garage Door Increase My Home’s Resale Value?

How to Increase Home Value Beaverton

Your garage door is a vital part of your home’s exterior and can impact its overall appearance. A damaged, dented, or faulty garage door can significantly decrease your home’s curb appeal and value. On the other hand, if your current garage door is in good condition, looks great, and fits the style of your home, you might not need a replacement. It’s important to assess the benefits of upgrading and consider the door’s current condition to make an informed decision. Replacing an old or broken garage door can improve not only your home’s appearance but also your home’s value.

How Much Value Will a New Garage Door Bring to My Home?

Looking for a home upgrade that will increase your home’s value without breaking the bank? Look no further than replacing your garage door! Not only is it a relatively affordable project, and according to Remodeling Magazine, it also has an impressive national average ROI of 102.7% in the Pacific Northwest region in 2023. This means you can expect to see a return on the money you invested into the project and see a small profit in your home’s increased sales value. In fact, replacing your garage door has a much higher ROI than many other popular home improvement projects, such as a minor kitchen remodel or a roof replacement.

How Will a New Garage Door Increase My Home’s Value?

A new, high-quality garage door can increase your home’s value in several ways. First, it enhances your home’s curb appeal and creates a positive first impression for potential buyers. A stylish and modern garage door can instantly transform the look of your home and make it stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. Secondly, a new garage door can improve the energy efficiency of your home by providing better insulation, which can lead to lower energy bills and higher resale value. A durable and secure garage door provides peace of mind to homeowners and adds value to the property.

A New Door Equals Less Work

As a homeowner, you want your home improvement projects to add value and bring joy, not stress. But when it comes to traditional wooden garage doors, maintenance can often feel like a never-ending task. It can all be a bit overwhelming, from worrying about rot and pests to constantly repainting or staining. However, there is a solution! With innovative materials and technology, you can now have the beauty and charm of a wooden garage door without the constant upkeep. Upgrade your home with a low-maintenance garage door that will make your life easier and your home look stunning.

Improves Energy Efficiency

When it comes to buying a new home, energy efficiency ranks high on many buyers’ lists. They want to feel comfortable year-round and to know that their utility bills won’t break the bank. That’s why insulated garage doors have become such a popular choice for homeowners. Not only do they help maintain a consistent temperature inside the home, but they also offer some serious energy savings. That means more money in your pocket and a higher resale value for your property. Steel and aluminum doors can come in two or three layers of insulation, which makes them even more durable and efficient. So if you’re looking to increase the value of your home and make it more appealing to potential buyers, garage doors that offer more insulation is definitely worth considering.

Get More Curb Appeal

New Garage Door Beaverton

Are you looking to sell your home? Whether you’re just starting to think about putting it on the market or have already made up your mind, there’s one crucial step you need to take – enhancing your curb appeal. Why is this so important? According to a study published in The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, a well-maintained exterior can increase your home’s sale price by up to 7%. Investing time and resources into your home’s exterior can pay off big time in the long run.

Have Better Security and Safety

Garage security is becoming an increasingly important consideration for homeowners. Fortunately, newer garage doors are taking advantage of innovative technology to deter break-ins and protect households from potential intruders. Improved locks, rotating security codes and heavier-duty materials make it harder for unwanted visitors to gain entry. However, safety is also a key focus. Older doors lack the cutting-edge safety equipment found in newer models, and worn-out parts may break or fail, leading to damage or injury. Upgraded, reliable garage doors feature dependable safety technology, including photo eye sensors, automatic reverse mechanisms and real-time alerts to ensure that homeowners and their properties are protected at all times.

Appeal to the Current Style of Your Home

It is essential to consider your home’s architectural style to ensure that your garage door complements and enhances the visual appeal of your house. Adding a unique touch, such as a carriage-style garage door, can make a remarkable difference in the overall appearance of your home. This type of door can evoke a timeless and elegant feel, transforming the look of your house entirely. So, take some time to choose the best garage door that best fits your home’s style to make it look better than ever before.

Get Your New Garage Door with All About Doors

At All About Doors, we hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to providing exceptional customer service. Our team of professional technicians specializes in garage door installation services in Beaverton, ensuring that every project is completed with the utmost care and attention to detail. With a 30-day labor warranty, we stand behind our work and remain committed to your satisfaction. If you’re looking to upgrade your garage door, now is a perfect time. With decades of experience, our garage door expert team can guide you through our affordable options and help you select the perfect match for your home. Whether you’re looking for better security, insulation, or soundproofing or want to integrate your garage door with your smartphone, we’ve got you covered.

Contact us today to schedule your installation and experience the All About Doors difference with our excellent customer service.

The professional garage door services we provide:

  • Residential Garage Door Services
  • Commercial Garage Door Services
  • Garage Door Opener Installation Services (Garage Door Opener Repair)
  • Garage Door Replacement Services
  • Garage Door Repair Services
  • Broken Spring Repair Services

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How Does a New Garage Door Boost Your Home’s Value?

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