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How to Prepare Your Garage Door for the Summer

As the summer season approaches, it’s essential to ensure that your garage door is ready to withstand the heat, humidity, and potential challenges that come with the change in weather. Preparing your door for the summer not only helps maintain its functionality and longevity but also enhances the overall comfort and convenience of your home. Whether you’re looking to perform garage door maintenance care, prevent potential issues, or simply improve its appearance, this guide will provide you with valuable tips and steps to prepare your garage door for the summer months ahead.

Clean Your Outer Door

Spring and summer cleaning can be daunting, but it’s important not to neglect one of the most visible parts of your home: the garage door. It’s likely that after enduring all that Pacific Northwest rain and dirt, the door is looking a little worse for wear. However, the great news is that giving your door a little TLC is extremely easy and can usually be done just once a year. With some soap and water, you can wash the surfaces and windows, rinse thoroughly with water, spot-clean tough stains with diluted bleach, and finish with a coat of wax for added protection. Don’t let your garage door be the eyesore of your home – take advantage of the warm weather and get sprucing!

Check Your Springs

Garage Door Springs Tualatin

Garage door springs are an essential component for the proper functioning of your door. Often, homeowners might neglect the maintenance of these springs assuming that they can last forever. However, contrary to popular belief, springs will eventually break no matter how well they are maintained. Keeping them rust-free is crucial if you want to prolong their life span. Also, if a spring breaks and it’s covered in rust, it could pose a severe safety risk. Due to the high amount of tension that’s placed on these springs, they can shoot across the garage at a high velocity, causing damage or injury. To avoid such mishaps, contacting your local garage door expert is recommended to replace the spring if it’s rusted beyond repair. Remember, your safety should always be a top priority.

Check Your Bolts

As with any machinery, proper maintenance is vital to keep it functioning smoothly and safely. Regarding your garage door, it’s important to always check the bolts at the back of the track. Though it may seem like a small task, overlooking loose bolts could result in serious consequences. Imagine the sound of your door crashing down onto your car or worse, harming someone. By simply verifying that all bolts are securely fastened, you can ensure your safety and avoid costly damages.

Check Your Weatherstripping

It’s easy to overlook the small details, such as the weather seal strip on your door. However, this tiny piece plays a huge role in protecting your garage (and ultimately your home) from the outside elements. When that seal is broken, cracked or brittle, those pesky weather conditions can seep right into your garage and wreak havoc on everything inside. Not to mention, it can become a welcoming invitation for all sorts of critters that you definitely don’t want as extra house guests. Its important to check to see if your weatherstripping is looking good during your inspection process. If installed correctly, your weatherstripping should last years. However, if you do notice any damage, contact your professional garage door specialists.

Lubricate Your Moving Parts

The winter weather can take a toll on your door, breaking down the lubrication on its moving parts and leaving it prone to malfunctioning. But fear not, for with the right kind of oil, it’s an easy fix. Instead of reaching for the classic WD-40 (which you should never use), opt for a lubricant specifically designed for garage door components to keep rollers, hinges, pulleys, and chains moving smoothly again. Don’t forget to also pay attention to the screws and tracks. And for the exterior weatherstripping, choose a silicone-based lubricant that will effectively repel moisture and cold air. However, ensure not to go overboard with the oils – too much can attract more dirt in the long run.

Make Paint Touch-Ups

Before beginning your latest painting project, it’s always important to first check the weather. The last thing you want is weather conditions that will hinder the drying process of your masterpiece. You’ll want to aim for days with temperatures between 50 to 75 degrees, as this range will provide optimal conditions for the paint to dry quickly and evenly. And while it may be tempting to choose a sunny day for your painting project, days with low humidity will be your best friend, as the moisture in the air can slow down the drying process. Lastly, whether you’re painting wood, vinyl, or metal, you can choose your favorite tool: a sprayer or a roller. However, don’t forget to grab a small brush to complete the edging and corners for a flawless finish.

Put in New Batteries for Your Remote

Garage Door Opener Tualatin

A functional garage door remote control is essential for accessing and securing your property with ease and convenience. Regular battery changes are necessary to ensure that your remote is always ready for business. This will ensure you have all the power you need to activate your door at any moment.

Consider If You Need Repairs or Need a New Garage Door

As winter ends and we welcome the warmer months, many homeowners turn to home improvement projects to spruce up their spaces. One often overlooked area is the garage door, which is a functional necessity and a significant aspect of a home’s curb appeal. Not only does spring and summer offer ideal weather conditions for garage door installations or repairs, but it is also a chance to improve energy efficiency and garage door security. Don’t wait for a malfunction or outdated style to prompt action. Contact a trusted local professional to assess your garage door’s needs and recommend maintenance or replacement options.

Contact All About Doors for Any Repairs You May Need or If You Need a New Door

When it comes to Tualatin garage door installation services, safety should always be the top priority. Installing a garage door may seem simple, but it’s important to remember that it’s a complex system that requires professional attention. At All About Doors, our trained technicians have years of experience and the knowledge necessary to provide the best service possible, whether that be repairs or replacing any type of garage door. Our experienced team understands that the safety of your family and home is of the utmost importance, so we take great care to ensure that every installation is performed with precision and attention to detail. Don’t leave the security of your home to chance – entrust All About Doors to provide dependable, high-quality garage door services in Tualatin.

Contact us today for any garage door repair needs or installations you need this summer. Our excellent customer service is unmatched.

Garage door services we provide:

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  • Garage Door Replacement
  • Garage Door Repair Services
  • Complete Inspections
  • Emergency Services

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How to Prepare Your Garage Door for the Summer

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