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How Long Do Garage Door Rollers Last? 

Garage door rollers are one of the most critical parts of a garage door and help the door move up and down smoothly. Without proper maintenance, it is not uncommon to find these rollers malfunctioning after years of use. This article will discuss how long you can expect your roller system to last before it needs replacing.

What are garage door rollers, and how do they work?

Garage door rollers are wheel-shaped devices installed inside the track of a garage door. They allow for smooth movement up and down, side to side when opening or closing your garage door. Without these rollers, it would be difficult to move your heavy doors using an automatic opener system without experiencing significant damage to the door or track. The garage door rollers usually come in pairs and are mounted on a metal shaft. The garage door is attached to this shaft so that when it moves up and down, the wheels turn as well. This allows for the smooth movement of your heavy garage door without causing any damage over time. Since these devices also need to move side to side, they can do so using a series of garage door bearings. The garage door rollers usually come with bearings and an axle connected to the door track itself.

What are garage door rollers made of?

Garage door rollers are typically made of two different materials. The wheel that rotates to provide the necessary smooth movement for your garage door is often made of nylon, plastic, or metal, depending on the quality and price you want to pay. A cheaper roller will use a plastic wheel, while more expensive ones may have all-steel construction with no plastic parts. The garage door ball bearings allow the wheels to move side to side easily and are usually made of high-grade plastic rollers.

How to identify a problem with your garage door rollers?

It can be challenging to tell when a garage door needs new rollers. There are some signs that you may notice if your wheels need replacing:

-If the ball bearings seem loose or make noise while opening and closing the doors, it usually means they have been used too much and will need replacement.

-If any dents or unevenness in the metal shafts that hold your rollers, it may mean they are bent. You can repair bent rails, but you will need to replace the roller system over time since this is a sign that your garage door rollers have wear and tear.

-It is also possible for the axle connecting your garage door system to the roller system to get damaged. If this happens, you will need a professional garage door repair service for replacing rollers so that the ball bearings can work properly again.

-If your garage door rollers do not move smoothly or they make noise when opening and closing your doors, you may want to consider having them replaced rather than continuing use.

-If the metal shaft is bent, it may be possible to fix this, but if they break, you will need a new roller system installed for your doors to function properly again.

How long will garage door rollers last?

Most professional garage door repair service providers recommend getting your garage door rollers replaced after at least ten years. This is a general estimate for most roller systems, including the nylon roller and steel rollers. However, some manufacturers may offer warranties on their products to replace them if there are any issues during the specified time frame. Proper maintenance will also earn a few extra years.


What are my garage door roller replacement options?

There are several different types of roller systems available on the market today. Each one has its unique properties and will provide you with a unique experience when opening or closing your garage door. It is essential to choose carefully if you want something that works well for years without any problems.

-The basic nylon rollers system (also referred to as a pulley system) is the most common type of roller used in garage doors today. It uses a metal shaft bent into an “S” shape and attached on each end with two wheels turned by your motorized opener or manually inside your home. This style provides you with smooth movement but does make noise while working.

-The nylon roller system with a steel shaft is the same as the one above, except it uses an all-metal construction that will not bend over time. This provides you with smoother movement and increases the noise level when opening or closing your door.

The nylon garage door rollers system with a spring is also very common and uses an extra spring to provide you with additional support, reducing noise by as much as 50%. These systems are made of metal; however, some high-end models may use all-steel garage door parts for maximum durability.

What is the cost of replacing garage door rollers?

The cost of the right garage door rollers will vary based on the type you need and how big your door is. It also needs to be noted that if any other components such as axles or cables need to be replaced, you may receive a higher quote.


If you suspect your garage door rollers are wearing off and not working properly, the guide above should give you a good idea of why it’s happening. Call or visit us at All About Doors for all your garage door repair, replacement, and maintenance needs in Beaverton.

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How Long Do Garage Door Rollers Last? 

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