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How To Boost Your Garage Door Security This Holiday Season

How To Boost Your Garage Door Security This Holiday Season

The Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah holidays are a time for hosting holiday gatherings in your home. It’s especially prime time for purchasing gifts for loved ones, and hiding them in places like the garage, attic, or elsewhere inside your house. However, the winter season can also be a time when burglaries and break-ins spike.

Homeowners need to take active measures to make sure their property is protected and entryways into their home are secured. If a house has even the smallest vulnerability, then burglars, thieves, and invaders could see it as an invitation to break into your home.

One particularly vulnerable places of entry: the garage. After all, many garages don’t have the modern security features that keep it locked, inaccessible, or connected to an alarm system. And while locking your front door is common sense, many old models of garage door systems can be easily manipulated or forced open.

Solutions to Vulnerable Garage Doors

By installing garage door systems that provide extra security, you’re making an investment in the safety of your home and property. Many steps can be taken to ensure burglaries, theft, and break-ins will not happen. Plus, you can have peace of mind knowing precisely when your garage door is being opened or closed.

1) Hide Your Garage Door Opener

Before you leave your car parked outside over night, it’s common sense to take out any valuables. That includes the often-left-hanging garage door opener. Burglars who prowl through neighborhoods love seeing garage door openers hanging from the visor above the steering wheel. All it takes is a broken door window, and voila! a way into a home at the push of a button. Simply put: Never leave your garage door opener in your car if you’re parking it outside. Hiding your garage door opener takes away the incentive of a car break-in.

2) Install a garage door operator with an on/off switch

Many older garage door operators don’t have this feature. They just have a button you tap to open and close. However, for added security when you and your family are away from home for extended periods of time, on/off switches shut the power off of your garage door, keeping it nonfunctional and closed. There are some garage door operators on the market that have switches that allow you to regulate your garage door from inside your home.

Homes are especially vulnerable to B&E’s during the holidays, when families go on vacation. The on/off switch is especially useful for the days, weeks, or months away from your home or vacation home.

3) Download apps that open and close your garage door

For peace of mind while you’re away from your home, you want an app that tells you information about your garage door’s activity. Apps by Lift Master and Genie not only can enable you to control your garage door’s opening and closing from the convenience of your smartphone.

Lift Master MyQ Smart Home

The MyQ Smart Home is a package of door openers, an app, and other accessories that put garage access and security in the palm of your hand, any time, anywhere.

  • Get real-time alerts every time your garage door is opened or closed.
  • Set days and times for the garage lights and doors to open
  • Check the status of your garage door any time, anywhere

Genie’s Aladdin Connect

The Aladdin Connect also allows you to sync your smartphone with your garage doors. Real-time updates let you know exactly when your garage door is being used.

  • Open and close your door remotely from your phone
  • Check the history of your garage opening and closing
  • Set your garage door to close or open only during certain times


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Investing In Garage Door Security

For peace of mind and an extra step in security, we recommend updating your garage door system. Having these safety features installed, you can manage your garage door accessibility any time, any where. Plus, you have the peace of mind knowing that your home is protected.

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How To Boost Your Garage Door Security This Holiday Season

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