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Should I Replace or Repair My Garage Door?

Garage Door Repair Portland

Can I Just Repair My Garage Door or Does It Need To Be Replaced?

Has your garage door been struggling to close completely, failing to operate with the keypad or reversing before hitting the floor?

If so, your first question might be, “what is the cheapest way to take care of this problem, repair – or replacement?”

The short answer is if it’s less expensive to replace the door than it is to repair it, then the door should be replaced. It’s the causes of the garage door damage that will determine how much you end up paying to have it fixed.

How do we know this? Because we’ve been doing garage door repairs in Portland since the summer of 1988. And in today’s article, we’ll explore these causes together and help you to choose the best decision for your garage door.

Always Hire A Professional

Before we talk about replacing or repairing your garage door, you need to understand how necessary it is to hire professional help, despite which direction you choose.

Always remember, the primary goal of any home improvement should be to increase the value of your home. Whether that’s adding a fresh coat of paint, building a new deck for entertaining friends, or updating your garage door, the choice should not minimize your return on investment.

Of course, a garage door is more complicated than installing new gutters. The door represents the attractiveness, performance, and security of your home. They also combine forceful motors and fragile electrical systems. In the end, garage doors are only as useful as they are reliable.

It’s not impossible to make a repair on your own, but if your repair doesn’t meet the right standards, it’s only a matter of time before all of the interacting systems most likely break down, leaving you with more expensive replacements or repairs.

But there’s something even more serious than having to fork out extra money as a result of a DIY job, and that is how dangerous it can be to repair your door yourself.

First, a garage door is designed to contain springs that balance it and make it less difficult to lift. These springs are under incredible amounts of tension. If one spring breaks or is released incorrectly, it can cause unbelievable and possibly fatal injuries.

When attempting to fix a garage door spring, keep in mind, your head and face will most likely be very close to the spring. This means your most sensitive area will be in the direct path of the released spring.

What Types Of Damage Can Occur?

In this section we’ll explore the different types of damage that can occur with your door and if it makes sense (or not) to repair or replace your door based on each individual situation.

Corrective damage

This form of garage door damage is the most basic. Things like color fading, a panel that has cracked or some chipped paint are great examples. This type of damage isn’t visually attractive, but it won’t stop the door from working.

So what causes this type of damage? Usually, it’s due to weather, age and occasional impacts like a bump from the front of a car or being hit by a rogue cyclist who has veered uncontrolled into your driveway.

With corrective damage, it is usually more budget-friendly to opt out for a repair. However, if your door is more than 10 years old or you’re having repair issue we have yet to mention, your best option might be a replacement.

A new garage door will increase the overall value of your home, and also enhance its curb appeal like crazy. When it’s time to sell, the house will sell quicker, and for a lot more money.

Architectural damage

Architectural (or structural) damage like a deformed door, might be the cause of harsh weather or many seasons of severe climate conditions. A distorted door will require replacement because it will prohibit the opening system from working correctly.

If your previous door was made out of wood, we highly recommend replacing it with a brand new steel door which is designed to not rust. If you’re a fan of the wooden look, we have options that allow you to choose a “wooden looking” exterior with a steel interior.

Performance aka functionality

If your door tends to get stuck, only opens on occasion or wakes up the neighbors as it opens or closes, the decision to replace or repair will depend on how big the problem is. If it’s replacing the torsion springs, you might want to stick with a repair.

New Garage Door Portland

Common Problems That Only Require A Repair

Let’s discuss some common problems that will require nothing more than a simple repair.

Your door has suddenly stopped working

If one day your garage door randomly stops working, don’t panic. This doesn’t mean that door is dead or that you need a complete replacement.

It’s actually the opposite.

Sudden breakdowns are most times an easy fix because it’s usually an isolated problem. Luckily, because this isn’t a case of ongoing poor treatment towards your door,  this immediate issue will be an easy fix.

Here is some advice to which you’ll probably think “I know, I know.” Be sure to check your garage door remote batteries before you proceed to contact a garage door contractor for help.

Sometimes, when we’re rushing to leave for work while simultaneously fighting with the remote for the garage door, we completely forget to check if it’s just a battery issue. The truth is, it’s more common than you think.

The door appears to be really heavy

As mentioned earlier, springs are placed inside of your garage lift mechanism to assist with lifting the door. Because of the weight of the door, the lift motor would suffer much more wear and tear if it were forced to raise the door by itself.

Also, to guarantee that your door still opens in times of power loss, the springs allow you to lift the door once the motor is disconnected manually.

If the door feels too heavy, chances are your springs are starting to age and cannot support the weight like they once could. This doesn’t mean that the spring is going to snap and go flying at any moment. Just keep in mind that an old spring isn’t something to try and tackle yourself.

The great news is, an old spring is usually an affordable, quick fix. A garage door contractor will arrive and replace your springs, They will install 2 brand new ones simultaneously to maintain stability in your door.

Signs You Need A Complete Garage Door Replacement

Since we’ve talked about a couple of common repairs, let’s discuss what qualifies for a replacement.

Your garage door hasn’t worked properly in months.

Any issue that has been consistent for months or years will most likely need a complete replacement. The reason is a garage door has a ton of powerful, heavy mobile parts.

If there are no issues with the door, then it will close and open hundreds of times without any problems. But even the smallest functional problem left unattended can’t be fixed.

Your door isn’t equipped with child safety features

One of the most crucial features a garage door needs is increased child safety.

Sensors now detect if there’s a child or pet under the garage door as it’s moving and will stop closing right away.

Doors can now also sense when someone is pressing against the door and will immediately freeze before crushing anything underneath it.

The best way to ensure that you have all the latest child safety features is to invest in a new door.

The Final Decision

In the end, the quality of the repair or replacement all depends on the garage door contractor who installed it. And if you are ready to start exploring your repair or replacement options in the Portland area, look no further than All About Doors. Book a consultation now by calling us.

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Should I Replace or Repair My Garage Door?

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