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How to Safely Clean Your Garage Door

How Often Should I Clean the Garage Door?

Though the garage door is tough enough to withstand the harsh elements and protect your home from intruders, it still needs periodic care and maintenance to preserve and maintain it’s condition. If your garage is also the main point of entry for your home, it will potentially need cleaning and maintenance on a more regular schedule than other garage doors. A good schedule to keep is cleaning the door twice a year, at the beginning of spring, and the beginning of fall. However, if your door gets used daily, it might be a better idea to clean it quarterly. Keeping a regular cleaning schedule will not only keep the door looking good, but it will help you keep an eye out for any needed repairs.

Benefits of Cleaning the Garage Door

Cleaning your garage door periodically can:

  • Prolong the garage door finish
  • Deter rust, dirt, and grime build-up
  • Maintain the garage door warranty
  • Increase curb appeal and home’s value
  • Helps you notice when repairs are needed

Tips for Properly Cleaning Your Garage Door

Though the garage is sturdy and strong, you should be careful not to use equipment or products that can damage the door. Follow these tips for safely and adequately cleaning your garage door.

Gather the Cleaning Supplies

For cleaning your garage door, you will need:

  • Your hose
  • A Bucket
  • A mild detergent or cleaner. You can use dish soap, like Dawn, or even a mild car wash soap. Simple Green also comes highly recommended as it is a non-toxic, mild biodegradable cleaner.
  • Soft rags, cloths, or non-abrasive sponges
  • A step ladder if you cannot reach the top of the garage door

Routine Garage Door Maintenance PortlandSteps for Cleaning

Unless you were told otherwise, you can clean your garage door, no matter what material it is made out, following these guidelines and steps:

Step 1: Mix the cleaning solution or soap with some water in a bucket.

Step 2: Wet the front of the garage door with the hose

Step 3: Start scrubbing using a non-abrasive cloth, rag, or sponge in sections using the cleaning mixture in the bucket. Don’t be afraid to put some elbow grease into it – dirt and grime can build-up and become challenging to remove. The door is tough, and as long as you aren’t using an abrasive material, it should not scratch the finish.

Step 4: Scrub the weatherstripping along the bottom and around the trim of the door as well.

Step 5: Don’t forget to clean the interior side of the door too.

Step 6: Spray the door off with the hose to rinse off any remaining soap and dirt. You can also continue to spray the door as you clean in sections if you need more water.

Step 7: Once you finish, you can either let the door air dry or use a soft clean cloth to dry it off.

What Not to Do When Cleaning the Garage Door

Tough as it is, there are some things you should avoid when cleaning your garage door:

  • Do not use scouring powders or straight bleach on your door. No matter how tough the stains are, these products can damage the finish of your door.
  • Do not use a pressure washer. The powerful spray could damage some finishes on steel doors and can even harm softer wood doors.
  • Do not use abrasive sponges or brushes. These can also scratch and damage the garage door.

Wax Your Garage Door

Waxing is not necessary but is an additional step you can take if you own a steel garage door. Waxing your steel garage door can help to further prolong it’s finish and lifespan. Make sure you choose a liquid wax if you do decide to follow through with this step, you should not apply wax paste to your door. You should also avoid getting the wax on any hardware or decorative pieces.

Cleaning the Garage Door Windows

There is nothing special to look out for when cleaning your garage door windows unless you were told that you need to use special care when cleaning them when the door was installed. For most garage doors, you can clean the windows the same way you would a mirror or any other windows in your home.

Don’t Forget the Photo-Eye Sensors and the Hardware

After the door has received a good scrubbing, you should inspect other components of the garage door as well. Take a dry rag and wipe down the photo eye sensors if they are looking dirty, and remove any debris that is blocking their path. Also, wipe off the tracks and the garage door opener itself if any dirt or debris has accumulated. This is a great time to look out for any parts that may need repairs or replacing. After everything is clean, operate your garage door to ensure that everything is functioning as it should. If the door is shaking a lot, or if it is slow to respond, or if there are any loud noises while it operates, it may be time to call for an inspection and repairs.

All About Doors

All About Doors has provided the Portland metro area with quality garage door services and repairs for over 32 years. Our technicians are highly trained to handle any repair, installation, and replacement needs and offer a 30-day warranty on all services performed. We genuinely care about our customers and their satisfaction. The garage door is more than just a door; it provides security for your home and enhances the curb appeal and value of a home as well. To ensure your garage door repairs are done right, contact All About Doors in Portland, OR, today!

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How to Safely Clean Your Garage Door

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