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Should I Fix a Broken Garage Door Spring Myself?

For many DIYers out there, it can be very tempting to do stuff around the house on your own without contacting a professional service provider. This is a possible scenario when you have a garage door that seems to be malfunctioning and needs repairs. But just how safe is it to fix a broken door on your own? Should you do it yourself or call a garage door repair expert in Beaverton?

Should I Fix a Broken Garage Door Spring Myself?

There are times when DIY is not the way to go, and fixing a broken garage door spring is one of those cases. It may be tempting to “fix” it yourself, but that could prove hazardous to you and your family. To get the idea, you need to understand how a garage door spring works. The spring wraps around a pulley on one side, and the opposite end is attached to the door itself. When the motor turns, the “tension” of that spring keeps it tight, so when you open your door, it stays in place.

Different Kinds of Springs on Your Garage Door

You must identify which type of spring your door has before opening it on your own, as the wiring and parts vary. Generally, there are two types of springs commonly used in Beaverton garage doors:

Extension Springs

These are the most common in residential uses. Their design incorporates a spring-loaded mechanism that makes it easy for you to adjust the garage door’s height manually. The reels are made of sturdy steel that holds the spring in place. This design is easy to install but requires constant maintenance, and thorough inspection every once in a while is needed to avoid potential safety hazards.
Because they can quickly become damaged, there’s the risk of injury if you try repairing them yourself. Extension springs are made of steel or other metal alloys. Large ones can have up to 400 or 500 windings and weigh as much as 30 pounds. These springs work by winding the coil around the spring when you pull on a cable attached to another pulley at the top of your door.

Torsion Springs

These are the most common types of springs in garage doors. They’re used to hold the door open at its maximum height, and they do this by springing back into place when you let go of the garage door opener. The springs come with counter-wound coils that are installed on both sides. The winding process works as it does with extension springs, but it’s sturdier in torsion springs because of their design and construction.
Extension springs and torsion springs are hefty, so they’re prone to getting damaged easier than other types of garage door springs. These can be dangerous—especially if you have kids in the house or often forget to close your garage door. If you are looking for torsion spring repair, you will need to contact a qualified technician who is knowledgeable in handling this type of part.

Garage Door Repair Near Beaverton

Should I Replace Garage Doors on My Own?

While garage doors may seem easy to install, it’s still a complicated piece of equipment that requires knowledge and experience in handling. When installing garage doors on your own, you need to ensure they’re level and balanced first. This will ensure that the door runs smoothly for years without causing trouble or issues. Aside from this, there are many other things you need to consider when installing a garage door.
After installing the door, you should ensure that the garage door opener is in good condition and not worn out. This will help extend the overall lifespan of your door and prevent repairs down the road. DIYers must proceed with extra caution and ensure that they don’t risk injury to themselves and other occupants of the house.
Otherwise, it would be best to call a professional handyperson to help you with all your garage door needs. You can rest assured that he’ll get the job done safely to prevent future recurrences of the problem.

Choosing a Garage Door Service Provider

When searching for a specialist, the first thing you want to do is to find someone that has undergone thorough training and continuous education. These technicians are well-versed in their field, and they know the perfect ways to solve any problem with your garage door. You should be able to recognize trusted repair services based on solid credentials. These doors can become dangerous at certain times, especially when it’s not working correctly. Please do your homework and find out how the technicians conduct their business.
The best service providers will offer warranties or guarantees for a period of time. These shouldn’t only be limited to parts but also issues regarding the workmanship of the technician. You can also visit online review sites for more information about top garage door repair technicians in your area. Hiring a reliable garage door installation company is the best way to avoid expensive and potentially dangerous situations.


If you’re unsure about how to conduct a malfunctioning spring repair, then don’t hesitate to call our experts at All About Doors for Garage Door Repair in Beaverton, Oregon. We provide services for both commercial and residential clients in the area. Our friendly representatives are ready to help you out with your concerns about the condition of your garage door opener or springs. Just give us a call at (503) 620-2453!


Can you replace garage door springs yourself?

If you’re planning to pursue garage door repair, then it’s always best to let professional Beaverton garage door services take care of it. You may run the risk of hurting yourself or, even worse, hurting someone else around the house. You can purchase replacement springs and learn how to install them, but you still need experience in using these parts.

Is it safe to do repairs yourself?

If you’re thinking about conducting overhead door repairs, it’s crucial to think about your family’s safety first. If you don’t know what you’re doing, better let professional garage door services handle this kind of job. It’s also more convenient as they have tools and equipment for complicated jobs.

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Should I Fix a Broken Garage Door Spring Myself?

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